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October 7, 2016 0 Comments

Simple beauty.

Garance Doré describes French flair as “Elegance is refusal.” Elegance in simplicity.

There is something to be said about about simplicity. It can make you feel strong and powerful. It is all about the attitude. You wear the clothes, the clothes do not wear you. This is why I am in love Ovate. http://ovate.ca/

Hailing out of Montreal, their clothing is made out of all natural fabrics and are hand dyed. The love that they put into their clothes is reflected in the pieces they make. They have a natural deconstruction to them. Nothing is perfect and this is with purpose as they feel that genuine beauty lies in imperfection!

Just look at these dresses.

black_silk_mathilde_2_large irina_black_3_large rib_maxi_5_large

Such ease but oh SO pretty!

irina_stripe_2_large irina_charcoal_6_large

I am in love with these tops and skirts.

yuli_skirt_large natural_linen_skirt_2_large grey_skirt_large black_skirt_2_large

I could live in this kimono.


Just take a look at their mood books: http://ovate.ca/pages/oxyde-f-w-14-lookbook

If you want a beautiful little dress to put on when you are on the go that you will feel great in then this is the place. Just imagine a cute hat, shoes and a visit to a museum.

Très belle!

All photos courtesy of Ovate