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· All that glitters is…well…really gold and diamonds. ·

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It has always been my feeling that jewelry should have meaning to a person. It shouldn’t be about going a chain store in a mall and picking up the nearest necklace or ring. It should be about craftsmanship and it should be an intimate connection between either the giver of the piece or the buyer of whom will wear it.

I also feel that these pieces should be so unique and so beloved that they would be meant to be passed down to other generations. If there is no other generation to acquire them, then an antique shop would be its next home so other people may enjoy and start the new journey.

To quote Elizabeth Taylor “I’ve never thought of my jewelry as trophies. I’m here to take care of it and to love it, for we are only temporary custodians of beauty.”

This is what Audry Rose is all about

Tucked away in Santa Monica, Audry Rose was started by Jaclyn Elbaum and named after Jaclyn’s grandmother. You see the real Audry Rose was very much like Miss Taylor. She had a connection to each of her jewelry pieces and knew the stories of every one and where and when she got them. Today Jaclyn has created a wonderful world full of stories at her boutique, Audry Rose.

What first grabbed my attention at Audry Rose were the dainty pieces that they had. Each of them where so beautiful and particular. None of them ever looked the same but still shared an essence of each other.

The best part is that most of their pieces can be stacked together and they still look so gracefully elegant.


The choices they have between bright accents, diamonds, opals, rose gold and ANTIQUES are fabulous! The different jewelry designers that they carry will always ensure something very special will be found. Some of these designers are Jennie Kwon, Sirciam Jewelry, Yasuko Azuma Jewlery, Communion By Joy and Mason Grace.

They even have a bridal section.


I really love this selection as it has very special pieces and not the typical engagement and wedding bands that you see.

diamond-blockette__75653-1476480749diamond-blockette__10340-1476481010 ovaltine_ring_white_front__08248-1452792748sirc_ovaltine_with_dia_stacker__93671-1452792749ruta2j106-ypg__18226-1474310761ruta-lace__74730-1474325149large-tourm1__51551-1468022668sira1j1-17carat-tourm__64507-1468022682angelio_ring__58675-1452805507watermelon_toiurmaline__60695-1452805507

I mean LOOK at the details even on the side of the rings. So gorgeous! I want ALL of them.

These emerald stud earrings are so pretty.


I’m on love with these healing stone earrings and ring.


Audrey Rose has everything. Even gorgeous necklaces.


This bracelet looks so organic and fun.


Why are you not looking up this store now, what more do you want to convince you?

Ok here are a few more!



All Photos by permission by Audry Rose

October 30, 2016