The Art of Danny van Ryswyk

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September 11, 2016 0 Comments

Oh hello there.


To say that I am obsessed with Danny Van Ryswyk’s work would be an understatement. I think the first time I saw it it there was an instant love born and I saw magical stars everywhere. If anyone has been to my house they know I have an infatuation with bell jars. There is something so special about having a little treasure under glass. Something so delicate that it must be kept encased and on display. Yet these little treasures cause us to pause and question their very existence.

What Danny does with bell jars and more specifically what he creates under them is fascinating. Out of his imagination and an ode to Memento Mori he creates mystical and strangely dark little creatures. Though wait for it. He does it with 3D sculpture.

close-to-madness tender-loving-darkness-figurine

His work makes the viewer want to know more about each little subject but offers no explanation. It makes you wonder why and what the story is and that for me is part of the appreciation. The not knowing. It’s just the observance. Or perhaps it is for the viewer to make up their own story. What do you see?


Look at the detail on this bell jar base!

You can also find gothic influence on his work. Here are some pigment prints he does on paper.



I find his work to be gorgeous and transportive. Magical and fascinating.


This is my absolute favorite and I can’t wait till he finishes it. Can I have for myself Danny?!?!

This is definitely an artist you will want to have your eye on and quick.

You can (and should) follow and read more about Danny here and here

*All photos were approved for use by Danny van Ryswyk